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Swig Smoothies’ story started out when Tom was working in the USA. Being a huge
smoothie guy himself, he noticed that smoothie bars were everywhere and he thought
there was nothing like this back home in Caernarfon, North Wales.


In 2020, Tom could not go back to the USA because of the pandemic, however, this gave
Tom time to explore the idea of starting his own smoothie company. Tom experimented with hundreds of smoothie flavour and his sister coming up with a catchy name for a
smoothie company - Swig Smoothies. Swig started out by delivering smoothies around the Caernarfon area. The reaction and feedback Tom had was brilliant and it lead him to buy a van in January of 2021.


After 6 months of converting the van into a smoothie van, Swig Smoothies was ready to hit the road in June 2021. We have been selling freshly made smoothies from our van in
different locations across North Wales ever since. We now operate in numerous ways by offering health and well-being packages 
in schools as well as trading in festivals and events across Wales.


“Swig Smoothies’ success has stemmed from our most amazing customers from day 1.
Because of your continued support I have now a fantastic team with me at Swig and we are always looking at ways to grow. To my family and friends; you have been the backbone of the company and I truly can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. Everyone has played a part in turning what was once a far-fetched idea into reality. Diolch!”


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