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Start of the smoothie season - Swig Smoothies is finally here!

After a long 6 months of hard work renovating a normal work van into a super cool, wavey, smoothie van, we were officially ready to go! The week leading up to last Saturday (12/06/21) was filled nerves and excitement. It felt that I was continuously doing laps in the van; double, triple and quadruple checking everything was in place and working. The morning of the Saturday I woke up at 4.30am as every thought went through my head. What if the generator didn't work? Will the fridge-freezer hold up? Will people actually enjoy my smoothies? Will people actually turn up?

I arrived at 7.30am on Y Maes, Caernarfon, getting everything ready for the day. I began to settle down as every equipment ran smoothly and had everything ready to go. At 8.55am, Nathan Craig (ex Everton and Wales under 21's international) cut the ribbon and declared Swig Smoothies open! Nathan was the first to get his smoothie and after I gave him a Pinc Roc smoothie (a strawberry and banana with a touch of lemon smoothie) I felt completely as ease. It was an absolutely surreal moment serving my first official smoothie after nearly exactly a year from starting Swig Smoothies. The rest of the day went brilliantly, everything worked fine and everyone seemed to enjoy their smoothies. I got to meet some extraordinary people with fascinating stories and others specifically took time out of their day to support me which was so thoughtful. Can't wait to meet many more faces over the course of the summer.

It was one of the best days of my life and I have so many people to thank for helping me reach this day. Firstly, my father who has had to endure numerous stressful situations and has provided me with the resources, such as a place to keep the van, in order for me to succeed. My Mother and sister have always been there to offer brilliant ideas and advice. Glesni, my girlfriend, who has been my backbone through the last few months. Barry, from Aztec precision engineering, who was an integral part of renovating the van. My friends here in Caernarfon for their continued support, with a special mention to Matthew who did the pluming for me. Finally, my Camp mah-kee-nac friends, whether they're across the pond or around the UK, thanks for all your help you mad bunch of people - especially Shovels (Sam) who's responsible for the branding and logo of Swig Smoothies.

I can't wait to see what the smoothie season has in store for me. Remember that we're at Y Maes, Caernarfon, every Saturday now so tell your friends, family, colleges or anyone that there is the waviest van parked in Caernarfon with the vibiest and coolest person serving the smoothies.

Big love,


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