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The Generator Debacle

Whilst going through my regular checks on Friday, I tried turning on my generator and it didn’t want to start. I tried everything to get it going but it was not to be. So it was a race against time to find another generator before Saturday morning. After posting online that I needed a generator I got so many messages from people willing to help. I got one straight away from a family member, Rhys from OBT Construction, which I’m so thankful for. Diolch, Rhys!

In other news, I’ve had health complications all week and I was worried if I could make it for Saturday, but thankfully I managed to make it. The weather was fantastic and I had another successful day of Swig Smoothieing (is that a thing?). I’ve been drinking healthy smoothies all week and I can honestly say it got me through it. I don’t think I’ve highlighted the simple health benefits of smoothies as much as I should have. The natural sugars, fibres and antioxidants of the smoothies really got me through the days.

Unfortunately, the van is going through regular maintenance next week and so I’ll be away. No smoothies next Saturday but I’m back on the Maes the week after - Saturday, the 10th of July - so I look forwards to seeing you then.


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